Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Watching porn from your mobile phone is more dangerous than from your computer

Watching porn from your mobile phone is more dangerous than from your computer

A new study of the website "Help Porn Addiction" highlights that man spends about 40 minutes a week consuming pornography.

Recently, the University of the Balearic Islands, together with the Youth and Inclusion network in Madrid and the Yes porn please website, have carried out an investigation in which they have concluded that Spanish children begin to watch porn at 8 years, with a long duration in consumption. This data is reflected with the name of “New pornography and changes in interpersonal relationships.

As we mentioned above, a man becomes about 40 minutes on average watching Pervmom porn without knowing the technological risks that this can entail. One of the keys in lengthening the stay of watching porn has been the creation of smartphones, which has made the porn business rise like foam. However, a recent study by the company “Wandera” has considered that it is more dangerous to watch porn from the mobile phone than on the computer, since malware or malware is more likely to be caught. Mobile operating systems such as Android is not as safe as computer operating systems.

The company "Mobile Leak Report" has surveyed more than 10,000 users in the United States and the United Kingdom of which 34 watch Puremature porn every day on their phone. Of those sites where they consume porn, 85% are infected with viruses that harm our malware. In 2016, the use of certain applications and web pages revealed user information to anyone.

A very curious fact is that the day that more porn is seen on the Internet are Fridays, especially from 8 in the afternoon until 3 in the morning on Saturday.

Fraud and identity theft.

The page for adults specialized in the Trike Patrol sector has carried out a perfect and intense study to know how hackers or cybermen set up their traps to commit fraud or identity theft. The result of this study has been that more than one million users found a virus while watching porn, or what is the same, 25% have encountered the odd virus. Of these viruses we highlight:

- Windows that open to generate money with advertising.
- Trojans that check the user's bank details when entering their bank account.
- Pages that block the device and have to be paid to remove them.
- Viruses that completely control the mobile to commit fraud.
- Pages that send messages or make calls for you to access other content.

You have to be very careful when watching porn and which pages are accessed to avoid these scams that can make us lose a lot of money.